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A year (or more) in the life

Ann's Journal

My username is pronounced just like cayenne. You know, the pepper, the car, the open source programming language....

I'm a honors graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder. I was a rape crisis counselor for 5 years, however, I retired when I moved to Denver in May 2005. While at CU Boulder, I worked as a research assistant for 4 years in a clinical neuroscience lab. I studied patients with mild traumatic brain injury.

I left (August 2008) a position as a professional research assistant/research coordinator in a lab that studies children with autism.

I worked in clinical pediatric oncology (kids with cancer in clinical trials) managing the institutional review board (IRB) documents/compliance for 100 studies. If that sounds like nonsense to you, go here for some more information about IRBs. Essentially, I make sure that all the studies are doing the right things, and I show our various IRBs documentation of that on a periodic basis. My official title is Study Coordinator for the 100 studies.

I spent a year as a bone marrow transplant data coordinator. I sat on the hospital ethics committee.

I now live in Birmingham, AL.

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keito ten

-Autumn winds always drift me into yarn shops-

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